Where can i order plants for my garden

Where can i order plants for my garden

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Enjoy big, beautiful blooms year after year. Bright colors, perfect for shady areas. Easy to grow, easy to love. A fabulous focal point for any garden. Adding classic roses is easier than you think!

  • Affordable mail order plant nursery since 1938- 3rd generation
  • One of the best selections of garden plants in the UK available direct from the grower!
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Affordable mail order plant nursery since 1938- 3rd generation

Please note: I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases if you shop through links on this page. More info. With the increased interest in gardening and so many in-person restrictions, you may want to consider purchasing some of your plants and seeds online.

But is it worth it to buy your plants online? Where are the best places to buy outdoor plants, shrubs and trees online? What about seeds? Are there any online nurseries to stay away from?

So many questions. That will give you a good foundation before you place your first order. Never know what to plant together?

Nature Hills online nursery is an excellent place to shop for plants online. This is true when purchasing plants from most online nurseries, though more about this here.

Select seeds has more than just seeds as one may think. I will continue to order from them in the future. This FREE guide has 7 key questions to help you pick the perfect plants for your landscape. Pop in your email below for instant access. Some of my gardening friends also recommend Bluestone Perennials for their selection of online plants.

I have purchased from Bluestone a handful of times. The plants are potted, but still very small. My order was scheduled to ship in late September. The 2 Butterfly Weed plants did ship on time in late September. They were SO small, though. I received a message informing me that my Globe Thistle was on backorder and would not arrive until spring.

They asked if I would like to replace the plant or keep the order and I chose to keep the order. I contacted them on April 11, to check my order status and received a very quick response. They shipped my order on April 28,I was happy that I did receive a response and a healthy plant in the mail.

It was small, but ended up growing and even flowering in August of the same year. The trees and shrubs I ordered from them were accurate to the sizes described on the website and were very healthy when they arrived.

It shipped the very next day and arrived healthy. But, I could not find this variety locally and was happy to pay for it. The ginkgo tree is slow-growing in nature, but has been thriving since planting.

They have a lot of really unique varieties to choose from. At one point I contacted customer service via email and the representative provided a very friendly and helpful response about a day later. In fact, the customer service rep I spoke with stated,. This guarantee is certainly not the norm. Most nurseries will guarantee anywhere from a few months to a year after purchase… but for a lifetime is very impressive.

I purchased Dutch irises and fall blooming crocuses that to my disappointment did not bloom not a single one. After contacting support, they gave me a credit to replace my purchase with other plants. Etsy is another surprising place to find some nice plants online!

Just an FYI: Etsy is a marketplace of individual sellers. You can always contact an Etsy seller directly from the product listing page if you have any questions about the item. She says,. They specialize in daylilies, and container-grown hostas, hardy ferns, clematis and peonies.

Another great nursery is Gilbert H. Wild of Sarcoxie, MO. They are the largest daylily nursery in the country, but also have a wide variety of perennials and spectacular Iris plants. They are huge! I will preface this by saying that was a difficult year for all online plant nurseries.

But, I did not have a good experience with them. I checked my order online, but it was not updated in their system. About 3 weeks went by before I inquired about my order status. The customer service rep told me that my order would be scheduled to ship after processing if the plants were available , which usually took weeks.

I must admit this really bothered me. I stated my concern about this and did not receive any reply. This was the absolute worst online plant ordering experience I have ever had. Save yourself the headache and stay away from DirectGardening. I mentioned Select Seeds above for their live plants. I also love getting my seeds from them, too. One of my readers also recommended RareSeeds as an option for purchasing seeds online.

Located in Meadowbrook, PA, Earnst Conservation Seeds has an outstanding 50 year reputation in helping to restore native landscaping. They grow, process and sell hundreds of species of native and naturalized seeds and live plant materials for ecological restoration, sustainable landscaping, reclamation, wetlands and natural resources conservation.

Check out their seed finder tool or request a catalog on their website. They have some of the best native wildflower seed mixes available today. Purchasing seeds, plants, shrubs and trees online certainly has its pros and cons. Most online nurseries are reputable and will provide you with a lot more variety than what you may find locally.

Just make sure you check their online refund policies and guarantees before making that purchase. Want to talk more about this article? Head over to Pretty Purple Door's Facebook page to share your thoughts! This article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualiying purchases if you shop through links on this page at no additional cost to you.

View Site Policies. What Blooms with What? Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Hey, since you're already signed up for my emails, you may be interested in my Printable Garden Planner Kit. It includes 5 printable worksheets that you can use to plan and organize your landscape. Check it out here.

In August of the same year, my globe thistle from Bluestone Perennials were in bloom. Photo by Pretty Purple Door. Here are my Beau Regard Alliums along the fence line.

These top hat blueberry bushes were so sad upon arrival. They were shipped with their roots in plastic bags and tossed into another plastic bag for shipment… no padding was provided at all. As a result, the bushes arrived close to dead with lots of broken branches from being tossed around in the mail. I would definitely not recommend purchasing from DirectGardening.

Pro curb appeal hacks to take your landscape to the next level and increase your property value. Here are some tips to help you learn from your mistakes and finally love gardening again!

Listening to podcasts about gardening is a fun way to learn more about your favorite hobby and get plant and garden ideas on the go. About The Author. Search for:.

One of the best selections of garden plants in the UK available direct from the grower!

For the UK we use Royal Mail or a courier which takes days. For these countries we use courier and a signature may be required. Delivery should take days. Any problems, just give us a call on or email information ballyrobertgardens. All the plants we sell have been grown here in Ballyrobert more on that further below.

Hardiness Zones: Plants perform best when grown within their hardiness zones. A plant has to tolerate the coldest and hottest temperatures in a zone to.

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We use cookies, which are small text files, to improve your experience on our website and to show you personalised content. Beth Chatto OBE was an award-winning plantswoman, author and lecturer. Her work here at the Gardens began inShe took an overgrown wasteland of brambles, parched gravel and boggy ditches, transforming it using plants adapted by nature to thrive in different conditions: right plant, right place. An inspirational, informal garden has developed. The vast majority of all the plants we sell are propagated and grown on site by our dedicated team. These plants are cared for from our garden, to yours. Education underpins everything we do. The Beth Chatto Education Trust has developed an inclusive range of courses, workshops and activities and we are an RHS approved course provider. Annually, we deliver more than 62 courses, involving in excess of individuals.

Flower Plants & Flower Plugs

Plants Perfect For Your Region. Click On Your State. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is an online tree farm and plant nursery offering specimen quality trees delivered to your home, office or business. We ship to all states except New York, and to both homeowners and wholesalers. We specialize in wetland shrubs, trees, woody perennials, native ferns, live mosses, and native plants.

Enter your email address to receive special offers and hear about our latest rare, unusual and exciting plants.

Welcome to The Place for Plants

View Cart Checkout. They raised the delicious Tomatoes, Herbs and Vegetables on the Moore family farm for their Atlanta customers. We are thrilled to announce they are the new operators of The Tasteful Garden! Read more about their journey here. Gardening, How to get Started When do I plant?


Binny Plants has been growing plants for 28 years in what used to be the old, walled kitchen garden of the Binny Estate near Edinburgh, Scotland. We have extended the business over the years to supply a variety of hardy plants. Peonies are our biggest specialism ranging from herbaceous peonies, Itoh or intersectional peonies and tree peonies. We also grow a large selection of herbaceous perennials and a selection of interesting trees and shrubs. All our plants are grown in peat-free growing media as we think this is the responsible option and we also have superb results.

Annie's Annuals.

Explore now. Used creatively, the right evergreens can bring a touch of designer magic to any garden — particularly in winter when borders begin to look bare. Shop now Feed the birds As the weather turns colder, it's time to put out food and water for our feathered friends.

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Order your plants online and benefit from fast delivery backed by a money back guarantee. We provide the 'WOW' factor that every gardener loves. We look for new plants which have garden performance - Foliage, Flower, Scent and most importantly ease of growth. Despatches will resume Tuesday 4th January. Ken, Louise and the Plants2Gardens Team. Shop Now.

Amazing Offers on our Cherry Laurel Hedging.

We will still be taking web site orders over the festive period, however they will not be processed until the new year. Planting a Shady Garden If you were to ask anybody what he or she aims to create when gardening, I am sure the majority would have the same answer; they strive. Elaine Franks At four years old, Elaine Franks was learning to paint and draw at the same time as read and write, and by the age of eight, she had become preoccupied with. Established in , we specialise in growing hardy plants including Hellebores , Schizostylis Hesperantha , Primula Sieboldii , herbaceous perennials , alpines , bedding plants , shrubs , trees and more unusual and exotic plants such as Sarracenia. Our nursery in Carmarthenshire is approximately 3 acres in size, allowing us to stock upwards of varieties of plants, most of which are all grown by us. As many plants as possible are grown outside in open beds to promote hardy garden worthy plants that will survive the rigours of our british climate. We also have 40 polytunnels which are used to protect young plants, add shade or generally indulge the more unusual bits and pieces.

We will always encourage you to support local businesses like garden centres, but sometimes ordering plants online is a more convenient option. Nationwide and internal online garden centres and plant sellers will — most likely —when freed from the constraints of floorspace be able sell a far greater range of both indoor and outdoor plants which means far more variety including on-trend rarities and less fruitless searching for what you know you want. Read on for our pick of the best places to order plants and houseplants online, for both indoors and outdoors. Dobies was established back in

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